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From Originals, to stage adaptations, FIA performing arts brings the talent to your stage with themed performances, reviews, full or short plays, creating social change through the arts!

  • Scene from "Black Girl Magic"

  • Scene from "The Power Within"

  • Rehearsal

  • "Bring the Fire"

  • Recording!

  • Preparing for "The Power Within"

  • Sold Out Performance!

  • Micah as Ramona - "The Power Within"

  • Myles as Mbaku "The Power Within"

  • "Already Far Away From Home" Scene from the Power Within

  • The Billion Brand as Kilmonger "The Power Within"

  • Dancer Aaniyah Bell

  • The Power Within

  • Father and Son (Tuckers) "The Power Within"

  • A Broadway Review

  • Scenes from "The Color Purple" Musical

  • Jahleel as Klau "The Power Within"


We want to teach, lead, and perform as much as we can, so if you want to book a great program:

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