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Faith In Action started with spreading the love of Jesus Christ in 1994. As the foundation of all FIA's subunits, this core message remains one of hope and love, demonstrated in the action of service to our communitites, state, and ultimately the world. Gospel Arts is the performing arts troupe that utilizes every aspect of the performing and visual arts to share this hope (dance, step, theatre, instruments, voice, visual arts, & more). This group has traveled extensively overseas to places including: England, Spain, Iceland, Italy, Belgium, Holland, UK, and Ghana, West Africa. Youth and young adults participate in cultural exchange, performance, teaching, touring, sharing, learning, and more. 

  • Family

  • Scene from "THE RECKONING"


  • Ministry in the UK

  • On His Way To College

  • Posing In Front Of The Palace

  • Tashae Giving Back

  • Battlefield of the Mind

  • Posing in front of Buckingham Palace


We want to play live as much as we can, so if you want to listen to some really good music:

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